Born in Cyprus Famagusta.

1967: Began classical guitar studies with the Professor of The Music Academy of London Michael Michailoudis.

1975: Founded the Blues-Rock band "LIQUID BRONZE".

1978-1986: Studied classical and contemporary harmony, counterpoint, fugue with composer Dimitris Dragatakis and classical piano with Tasoula Papafilipou.
Studied traditional music instruments: sitar, shahnai, percussion, African sanza, Cretan mandoura.
Various meetings with the Indian musician Ustad Zamir Ahmat Khan.
Gave concerts in various jazz clubs in Greece, Cyprus and Holland.
Collaborated with the following musicians Minas Alexiadis, Dimitris Zafirelis, Giannis Floros, Vasilis Papavasiliou, Nikos Touliatos.

1982: Experimented on his first 16string guitar invented entirely by him. Tried various tunings and multi-rhythmic techniques.
Took part in the album "Filosies" by guitarist Dimitris Zafirelis.

1985: Integrated with the jazz band "Notes" with George Zikogiannis (bass), Nikos Touliatos ( percussion), Vasilis Baxenakis (guitar)

1986: Experimented with 13, 14 and 15 string guitars of his own design, materialized by luthier Leonidas Vrachatis.
Took part in the album of Kiriakos Sfetsas "The night with Silena".
Took part in the free improvisation band "Anatolikos-Ditikos Anemos" (East-West Wind) with the following musicians: Dimitris Maragopoulos, Savina Gianatou, George Hatzimichelakis, Vasilis Stamatiadis, Thimios Papadopoulos.
Collaborated with the composers-musicians Vagelis Katsoulis, Kiriakos Sfetsas, Michalis Grigoriou and Dimitris Maragopoulos.
Experimented in various types of composition of organized and non-organised - improvisation.

1987: With Kostas Gianoulopoulos as producer, the record label "Praxis" publishes his first personal record called "Spatial Trembling" which consisted of his own compositions.
Created the Contemporary Jazz Band "Sanza" with the following musicians: Dimitris Karaganis (brass-wind), Takis Velianitis (bass and violin), Takis Heliotis (percussion-drums).

1988: Studied Byzantine music at the Simonas Karas College with Byzantine first chanter George Remoundos.
Experimented in the use of microtonal intervals on a fretless electric guitar.
Took part in the jazz festival "Praxis" along with the German origin jazz singer Monika Linges and pianist Minas Alexiadis.
Composed the song "Let's go to Africa" in the album "Sounds of Winter" (Ichi tou Chimona) whose royalties were given to the detox centre "Ithaki".
Took part in the album "Whispers of Immorality" by Vagelis Katsoulis.

1989: Collaborated with the Hungarian guitarist Szabo Sandor.
Gave concerts in three cities in Hungary.

1990: Founded along with the musicians George Hatzimichelakis and Vasilis Stamatiadis the Ethnic Band "Hermae". Published the album "Hermae". Produced his personal album "Talisman" with his own compositions and with the artists Dimitris Karaganis (flute, ten.sax), Takis Velianitis (violin) and Takis Cheliotis (drums).
Organised the jazz section in "The Municipal Concervatory of Patras" where he teaches guitar, improvisation and contemporary harmony.

1992: Took part in the International Festival of Alternative Theatre in Szeged-Hungary by improvising on three plays of Samuel Becket with director and performer Vasilis Lagos.

1993: Took part as honoured guest in the Buenos Aires Festival called "Mardel Jazz Festival". Collaborated with the following musicians: Eliezer Freitas Santos (percussion), Concecao Soares (percussion), Isa Soares (dance) from Bahia - Brazil. Alesandro Santos (flute), Carlos Washington Rivero (percussion), Rubben Carrasco (Indian flutes and percussion), Quique Sinesi (guitar), Gustavo Paglia Pandoneon and Marcello Garcia (drums) from Argentina.

1994: The English label "Thema Records" published his personal album "Modus Vivendi" with compositions for 16 & 15string guitars, electric guitar, soprano saxophone and flute.
Took part in the album "Diplochromia" of Kiriakos Sfetsas with the following musicians: Vasilis Soukas, George Fakanas, Takis Farazis, David Lynch, Nikos Touliatos.

1995: Composed the music for the theatrical play "September Moons are Red" - "Klitemnistra". Script and choreography writer: Angelas Lyra. Director: Vasilis Lagos

1996: Gave three concerts in Moscow in the theatre of the Russian director Anatoli Alexandrovich Vasilief and in "The house of the painters of Russia", with performers Vasilis Lagos and Angela Lyra.

1997-98: Integrated with the German ethnic- jazz band "Embryo". Composed and recorded the music for his new CD "Vananda" with the following artists: Eberhard Weber (bass), Savina Giannatou (vocals), Floros Floridis (soprano saxophone), Kora Mikaelian (piano) and the Symphonic Orchestra of Gerevan- Armenia. The CD was published by the record company "Libra Music".

1999: Founded the jazz - fusion band "Trias" with George Palamiotis (electric fretless bass), Nikos Kapilidis (drums).
Took part in the Cyprus International Festival "Jazz Music Days" in memory of pianist Nicolas Economou with the jazz - trio "Aeora" comprised of Minas Alexiadis (piano) and George Kalogeropoulos (percussion).

2000: Recorded two CDs with "Trias' " using his own compositions of electric - jazz style.
Gave concerts with bass player Eberhard Weber, which combined compositions by both.

2001: Gave solo concerts in cathedrals in Germany ( Weissenfels, Museum of Modern Art of Munster, Fallinbostel, the A-trane Jazz-club in Berlin).

2002-03: Gave solo concert in Leissling - Germany with his compositions for the 16string acoustic and fretless electric guitar, woodwind instrument pithkiavli, African sanza and two performers. He also wrote the choreography for four of his eight compositions. The royalties of the concert went to renovate two castles and the church organ of J. S. Bach all situated in the vicinity of Leipzig.
Composed and recorded his new CD "Asate" with "Libra Music" with the artists: Airto Moreira (percussion), Eberhard Weber (bass), Savina Giannatou (vocals), Haris Lambrakis (caval). Integrated with the German European jazz band "A European Story" with the musicians: Eberhard Weber (5string electric double bass), Rainer Bruninghaus (piano & keyboards), Reto Weber (drums & percussion).

2004: Founded the band "Andreas Georgiou Ethnic Jazz Quartet" with Dany Adamopoulou (vocals), Peter Bockious (double bass), Panos Economou (drums). Gave concerts in Cyprus and at "Bray Jazz Festival" in Ireland.

2005: Recorded his new CD "Famagusta" recomposing Cypriot traditional dances and songs with musicians: Christine Pieri (vocals), George Maglaras (violin), Andreas Papas (percussion), published by "Libra Music".
Founded the band "Andreas Georgiou Ethnic Jazz Quartet" with the musicians: George Krasidis (soprano sax), Dany Adamopoulou (vocals), Irineos Koulouras (bass), George Koulas (percussion).
Gave concerts in Greece and Cyprus. Took part in "Paradise Jazz Festival" performing his own compositions. Participates in the "European Jazz Trio" with Michael Hornstein (alto saxophone) and Peter Bockius (double bass). Gave concerts along with this group in Athens and Patras subsidised by the "Goethe Institute". Gave a solo concert in Weissenfels - Germany, the loyalties of which were used to renovate various rare artefacts of the area.
Changed the dynamics of the band "Andreas Georgiou Ethnic Jazz Quartet" by using the following musicians: Dany Adamopoulou (vocals), Dimitris Frosinis (bass), Nikos Kapilidis (drums).
A 19-string acoustic guitar of his own invention is materialized by luthier Leonidas Vrahatis.

2006: Composed entirely different style compositions influenced by African cultures which are performed in the concert hall of "Ethousa Filon of Megaron Mousikis" in Athens with the following quartet: Andreas Georgiou (15, 16string acoustic, electric, classical and fretless electric guitars), Paul McCandless (soprano saxophone, oboe, English horn, bass clarinet), Eberhard Weber ( 5string double bass), Mark Walker (drums, percussion). Participates in the trilogy "Wenn die Baeume sich erinnern", composing and performing the music, with poetry and the exhibition of paintings, with the trees as the main subject, which took place in Passionskirche - Berlin. Andreas Georgiou (fretless electric guitar, African sanza, Indian flute), Artemis Halkidou (recitation) and Hulusi Halit (paintings).
Gave five concerts in Munich with Peter Bochious (double bass), Michael Hornstein (alto saxophone), which were recorded by the "Bavarian radio". Gave concerts at the "Gasteig" of Munich. Improvised on a 50-minute video-art of Sylvia Henze.
Collaborated with the musicians: Ramesh Shotham (Indian percussion), Michael Klapakis (percussion), George Psirakis (alto saxophone). Consert at Petras Theatre for the local international festival.

2007: Produced and published his new CD "Jua Ni Juu" with Paul McCandless (soprano saxophone), Eberhard Weber (5string electric double bass), Mark Walker (percussion), Andreas Georgiou (16string, 15string, classical, electric and fretless- electric guitars).
Gave two concerts in Germany (Berlin, Braunschweig) with the electric-ethnic-jazz trio to celebrate 50 years of European Community. The following musicians participated: Andreas Rodosthenous (electric bass), Rodos Panagiotou (percussion).

2008: Upon his order, Angela Waltner, the well-known German guitarmaker, constructed the eight-string classical guitar, the model of which bears his name.

2009-13: Founded a new electro jazz quartet in Athens with Sami Amiris(piano), Emanuel Ortza (basso), Yannis Stavropoulos (percussion)
In Cyprus, he founds an ethnic-jazz trio with Rodos Panagiotou (percussion) and Gavriil Karapatakis (bass)
In Heidelberg he founds "the Noise Travelers Quartet" with Neophytos Stephanou (bass), Daniel Hernandez (percussion) and Stephan Klieser-Muller (drums).
Creates with the musician John Mourjopoulos the "Ambient Jazz Duo"
With the musicians Konstantina Mantzari (vocals), Gavriil Kamaris (cello), Giorgos Metaxas (piano), Takis Heliotis (drums) and the performer Olga Spiraki, they perform the "Salvador Dali Musicorama", improvisation on 20 paintings of Salvador Dali.

2014:After seven years of studying the philosophical works of Cornelius Castoriadis and Dimitris Liantinis, he composes music for a new disc, "Vis Formandi", also inspires by five physics themes: Fractals, Chaos Theory, Quantum Mechanics, Uncertainty Principle and String Theory.

2017:Collaboration with the percussionist Joe Thones in developing Transcendental Improvisation.

2019: Produces two live albums. TRIAS II in colaboration with George Palamiotis (el. fretless bass) and Nikos Kapilidis (drums) and ERECTUS TRIO - CLIMAX AD LIBITUM in colaboration with George Metaxas (piano) and Yiannis Notaras (drums).

2020: Collaboration in the compositional production of Yannis Mourtzopoulos ICARUS_ASYLUM , and release of the album by the label "same difference music". Participating musicians : Vassilis Stephanopoulos bass , Stephan Muller-Klieser drums , Konstantina Mantzari vocals , Markos Pavlou pipe , Sarah De Wilde tuba , Vangelio Kintsari hand drum.

2021: Released on vinyl entitled HYPOTHESIS IN BETWEEN , 6 compositions for 19-string acoustic guitar and percussion , with percussionist Jo Thoenes .