Andreas Georgiou, composer and guitarist, was born in Famagusta, Cyprus.
He began his musical activities at the age of ten, with classical guitar studies and continued later on with classical piano, classical and contemporary harmony, counterpoint, fugue and composition with composer Dimitris Dragatakis.

Furthermore he studied Byzantine music at the National music school of Simon Karras with precentor George Remoundos, in Athens.
His research, expanded in different ethnomusicological idioms, such as African and classical Indian regions, playing traditional instruments like sitar, shahnay, tambura, African sanza, Cretian mantoura, pithkiavli of Cyprus and small percussion.

Georgiou's interest, towards the polyrhythmic approach of the guitar, led him to the design of different multi-string acoustic guitar models, with 13, 14, 15, 16 and 19 strings, all materialized by the Greek luthier Leonidas Vrachatis.

In 2008, upon his order, Angela Waltner, the well-known German guitarmaker, constructed the eight-string classical guitar, the model of which bears his name.

Furthermore, his research for non tempered scales, led him to the design of an electric fretless guitar, which can create a very special "etherial" quality of sound, realistically approaching the timber of folklore clarinet of Iperus, by the superimposition of electromagnetic fields.

Georgiou has composed music for the Third Program of the Greek radio, for theatrical performances and dance theatre.

During the last 30 years he has been giving concerts in many different countries such as Cyprus, Greece, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Russia, Argentina, Czech Republic and Romania, solo, leading as well as participating in Jazz and Ethnic groups, such as "Sansa Quartet", "East-West Wind", "Szabo Sandor Duo", "Hermae", "Embryo", "Aeora", "Trio-Kutsukuta", "Trias", "A European Story".

Among his most recent co-operations exist some of the world's most creative musicians: bassist Eberhard Weber, percussionists Airto Moreira, Mark Walker, Reto Weber and Ramesh Shotham , pianist Rainer Bruninghaus, saxophonist Paul McCandless, vocalist Savina Yiannatou.

He has been teaching guitar, Jazz improvisation and harmony at the Municipal Conservatory of Patras since 1990.

Personal Discography:

  • SPATIAL TREMBLING    Praxis GM (1987)
  • HERMAE    H.T.1001 (1990)
  • TALISMAN    Con 1081 (1990)
  • MODUS VIVENDI    Thema TNPR 011 (1994)
  • VANANDA   Libra LMO 16-2 (1998)
  • TRIAS    Con 1083 (2000)
  • ASATE    Libra LM028-2 (2003)
  • FAMAGUSTA    Libra LM038-2 (2005)
  • JUA NI JUU    Con 1087 (2007)
  • VIS FORMANDI    Con 1091 (2014)
  • TRIAS II Con 1095 (2019)
  • ERECTUS TRIO Con 1096 (2019)
  • ICARUS_ASYLUM (2020)

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